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Please refer to the calendar tab on the website on a regular basis for up to date information!

2/16-2/19 Studio OPEN & classes will be held Presidents’ Weekend / Presidents’ Day

3/23-4/1 Studio closed for Spring Break

4/19-4/12 Dynamic Division Costume Handout

4/21 Picture Day at JAMM


Emails with recital music attached were sent to all classes.  If you did not receive the email or have issues opening the music, please see the front desk or email us at: dance@jammdanceco.com


Please refer to the Costume Book located in the parent lobby to ensure that your dancer has the correct style and color shoes for their class(es).  If you have questions, please see the front desk.  You may order shoes at the front desk or purchase them at Step-N-Stretch in Burnsville.

There are also quite a few pairs of shoes in our donation bins in the Dancers’ Lounge, take a look!


Our lost and found is JAMM packed! Please take a minute to look through it to see if any of your dancer’s belongings are there.  Items not claimed by March 22 will be donated.

The lost and found is located at the end of the long hallway, by the back glass door.


The following is our inclement weather plan.  If District 196 is closed, we will also be closed for the evening.  If the weather is beginning to turn in the afternoon and is predicted to continue through the evening, we will make a decision no later than 3pm if we will be closing.

Where to find closing information:

  1. The studio voicemail by 3:00pm 651-423-1909
  2. The JAMM Facebook page
  3. An email will be sent stating that JAMM will closed

You will not receive a phone call for studio closures due to weather unless we have to discontinue in the middle of evening classes.



Dress rehearsal for Spotlight Dance Cup with full make up and hair will be held at the studio on Thursday, February 22 in Studio A from 6:00pm-9:00pm. Dancers should arrive no later than 5:30pm ready to dance with hair and make up done. We are hoping each dancer is able to have a female guardian or parent with them on this evening to help dancers change. If you are only doing one or two dances, please do not bring your dream duffle as we will not have the space. Parents are welcome to view this rehearsal in the studio.

Hairstyles, lip color & accessories for each dance are indicated below in the rehearsal order.  Please click on the link. Spotlight Dance Cup 2018

Competition Make Up Tutorial

Competition High Bun Tutorial

Dancers should wear their rhinestone competition earrings for the dances listed on the Spotlight Dance Cup rehearsal order (if you need a pair, please see the front desk) and wear the tights that came with the costume.  If the costume did not come home with tights then there are no tights to be worn with that costume.

A reminder that there WILL be group classes for Boost Co. and Move Co. ONLY on this evening.  All other dancers will come for dress rehearsal only 5:30pm-9:00pm.

We will be having a potluck during dress rehearsal.  Sign up to bring items through Sign Up Genius

Reminders: Cut ALL tags out of side seams, seat of pants, etc!  No straps should be showing on undergarments (seamless, strapless bras if needed, seamless panties/thong if needed to be worn).  Stick it should be used on gloves, straps, freeforms, etc.


All competition fees are due March 1st and will be automatically withdrawn.  Please refer to your handbook for the specific fees and due dates.


We would like to thank our Sewing Club and Rhinestone Moms that have been in the studio working on many different projects and alterations already!  The JAMM staff has visions, but we certainly can’t sew them together alone, unless it involves a stapler!

A special thank you to Jason and Beth Wald who have built every single amazing prop we have this season and have truly made our concepts come to life!  Thank you for crossing company lines and building props for other dancers.

Thank you to those parents that have offered their services when we have needed it, we are truly grateful.

It takes TEAMWORK to make the dream work!  We are excited to see it all come together and we love our JAMM parents.


Our glitz party is on Sunday, February 25 from 12-6. More information regarding our glitz party and what to expect will be emailed to you soon!


At this time we are unable to announce when costume handout will be due to costume ship dates.  As soon as we have a better idea of when all the costumes will be in we will let you know when the handout will be.

**Routines that compete at Spotlight Dance Cup will be given just those costumes as they come in.  We will announce on your Facebook pages if costumes are going to be handed out.  We do not need parents to come in and meet with staff to get costumes.  You can send a garment bag with your dancer and they can take them home.  If you are not on Facebook, information will be emailed to you.

For the love of dance performance


Please click here For The Love of Dance Performance. For The Love of Dance Performance




small groups/solo changes for 2/3 due to for the love of dance performance

Due to the love of dance performance, solo’s and small groups on Saturday, February 3rd have been changed. Attached is the revised solo and small group schedule for this weekend.

Please look over the schedule closely as your dancer’s small group or solo day and time may have changed. Your dancer’s solo might be scheduled with a different teacher for this weekend.

Please try your best to make it to your small group or solo changed date and time. If you are not able to attend your lesson we will reschedule for another time and date.

Thank you so much for being flexible with your schedule. We really love to offer these extra opportunities for the students to be able to perform outside of the competitive environment.  We hope this schedule change allows the kids to maintain their solos and small group rehearsals and at the same time give them the opportunity to be involved in the dance community and performing.

Solo/Sm. Group Schedule for 2/2-2/3

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